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Brand Rejuvenation and Advertising Campaign

Unicare, a Leading Name in the Wellness Industry, Approached ByCre8tives with a Vision to Breathe New Life into Their Brand. The Challenge Was Clear: Rejuvenate Their Brand Identity, Redefine Brand Colors and Messaging, and Propel Unicare into the Spotlight Through a Strategic Advertising Campaign.

In Collaboration with Unicare, We Conducted a Thorough Branding Session to Identify the Essence and Values the Brand Wanted to Convey.

Crafting A Unified Message

Aligning with the New Branding, We Honed a Clear and Compelling Message That Would Resonate with Unicare’s Audience.

Advertising Campaign Launch

Leveraging the Redefined Brand Identity, We Launched a Multi-Faceted Advertising Campaign Encompassing Online Ads and Strategically Placed Billboards.

The Results Were Nothing Short of Transformative. Unicare Experienced a Remarkable 3x Return on Investment, Validating the Effectiveness of the Brand Rejuvenation and Advertising Efforts. The Vibrant Colors and Compelling Messaging Not Only Caught the Attention of the Target Audience but Also Positioned Unicare as a Forward-Thinking Brand in the Industry.

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