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Q6 Academy

ClientQ6 AcademyDateJanuary, 2024TaskCreative Online Academy Showcasing Courses, E-commerce Ready To Accept Payments, Automated Email SystemShare

Q6 Academy Is An Online Academy Dedicated To Teaching People How To Recite The Qu’ran, They Needed An Online Platform To Showcase These Courses, Whilst Enabling Visiters To Surf The Website Easily, and Navigating Seamlessly. Ensuring A Smooth Checkout Process.

Q6 Academy Saw A 700% Increase In Sales And Conversion Rate Tripled. Also Once We Implemented Our SEO Secrets, Q6 Academy Had A Big Increase Of Organic Visitors. Q6 Academy’s Success Is Not Just A Milestone; It’s A Launchpad For Future Achievements. ByCre8tives Continues To Collaborate With Q6 Academy, Shaping Strategies That Not Only Maintain Momentum But Propel Them Towards New Heights In The Dynamic Digital Landscape.

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