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Amos Professional

ClientAmos ProfessionalDateSeptember, 2023Task170 Product Designs and Associated Design Items Such as Packaging, Graphics and Apps.Share

Brand Re-Inventing

Amos Professional and Bycre8tives Have Collaborated on a Brand Reinvention. The Brand Reinventing Project Was an Intensive Full-Year Project on a Thorough Scope of Total Rebranding Covering from Brand Identity and Guidelines Including Symbols, Patterns, and Color Strategy to Over 170 Product Designs and Associated Design Items Such as Packaging, Graphics and Apps.

Amos Professional, a Subsidiary Brand Under Amore Pacific, Is a Hair Salon Specialist Brand Oldest in Korea with a Vast Array of Product Line-Up. Being the Oldest, Amos Professional Had a Firm Position in the Market as a Professional Brand. However, the Brand’s Firm Presence Is Beginning to Wane as the Branding Is Falling Behind the Market Changes. This Project aims to Revitalize Amos Professional Brand to Be a Pride to Hair Professionals and Reestablish Its Leadership as the Best in the Salon Specialist Market.

We Saw a Social Shift in the Definition of Professionalism from Authoritarian to Accessible and Effective. Design Exploration of Product Form Factor and Graphics Were Therefore Focused on Expressing This Newly Defined Professionalism.

Products Are Designed Truly for Professional Use, Decluttering Workspace and to Minimise Any Misuse. Amos BI Was Simplified Along with Product Indicator Numberings Made into Geographical Representations for Better Recognition. In Products, Directionless Pump Head Square Footprint Bottle with Dot Texture on One Side Are All Geared into Providing the Best Experience.

Multiple Iterations of Form Factors Were Prototyped for Trial and Error Honing the Design for the Best Product Experience as Well as to Be in an Appropriate Balance with Graphical Elements. Caps Are Also Designed for Better Stability When Placed on a Surface and Ease of Capping Experience.

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